Thursday, July 28, 2011

"Korea block" and floods

Writer's block? The inability to produce new work or think creatively. You may lose your thoughts, you may lose the ability to think and the words you need to say, they may just not come to you easily. Well, I feel like I am at a loss for words and therefore thinking I may have a "Korea block."  Korea is not far from my mind. In fact, it is really close. however, I'm far from anything Korean whether it be food, culture, education or Korean people themselves.  I have to promise myself that from today this "block" or distance will not block me from creatively thinking about ways to portray Korea from my little shigol town.

I've been keeping up with the flood stories.  Really sad to see how damaging the monsoon rains are this year. In one month alone Korea reached its average full year's worth of rainfall! Can you believe it?  A mudslide also took several individuals' lives in Seoul.  College students on a trip doing volunteer service in Chuncheon were also affected by the heavy rains that set off mudslides. Tragic mother nature taking over!

Keeping Korea in thought and prayer.  Travelers need to keep busy and avoid driving in the rain as much as possible.  Here are 5 things you can do on a rainy in Korea.  Although the post is targeting those enduring the typhoon -ish weather it most certainly does not address how to fight the floods.  Maybe you have some suggestions? This weather definitely calls for  thigh high rain boots!!!

Check out some of the popular youtube videos floating around.  (Literally everything is floating around!)  Be safe everyone!

Exiting the subway: You could always be like the individuals seen here.  Standby and be amazed!

In the subway station and around town:

Dramatic video of the slides and rescue efforts:

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