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My name is Niki. I'm a Korean American adoptee and small-town girl living in the city of San Diego. My Korean name is Hyekyung, the name I use with people in Korea and on this blog. This is a peak into my journey living and learning through various facets of life.  

The name of this blog comes from one of the names for Korea, "The Land of the Morning Calm."  If you know anything about South Korea, you will know that this is an oxymoron of sorts.  Koreans run and work and do life at an extremely fast-pace!  

2014: This is a year of many changes. I am in the process of editing the blog and hope to let it evolve and change as I do.  I hope you find it to be more reflective of me as a whole rather than posts only about Korea.  

2013: I no longer blog for the Korea blog, but please check it out as you will be able to find valuable information on Korean culture and life.  

In September of 2011, I came to San Diego to do a year of volunteer service working with refugees. I lived in countryside towns in South Korea from 2009 through 2010 teaching cute kids, volunteering for worthy causes, and discovering my family history and Korean heritage.  

After my year in Korea and before traveling to southern California, I stayed with family for a short while in a very small town in central California where Asians are almost non-existent. 

In early 2011 I was chosen to blog as a Worldwide Korea Blogger for the The Korea Blog. In the latter half of 2011, I came to southern California to do a year of service. 

Feel free to leave comments and share your thoughts.  

hyekyung1022 [at] gmail [dot] com 

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