Monday, July 4, 2011

Collection: Sulwhasoo cosmetic product

While in Korea, I received this cute sample set of Sulwhasoo products from a kind woman that I met through her daughter. They are an 'oriental' cosmetic clarifying water and cream products that are widely used in Korea among a slightly older (possibly middle age) generation.  People that sell and use this product claim that it makes you look 10 years younger. As for me, I tend to have the opposite problem and would prefer to look about 5 to 10 years older. However, this product did make my skin very smooth and clear. 

I thought these bottles were adorable.  The full-sized bottles are even nicer.  They also have the oriental or scent of products and medicines used in the past.  You can still visit oriental medicine doctors or shops and take in a bit of this smell. I believe Sulwhasoo products are made of some natural more medicinal herbs - hence the more medicinal scent. 

full set
photo courtesy of google

Anyways, I was cleaning out the junk in my closet and life and wanted to remember these sweet products or at least the people that gifted them to me. Little things that I hold onto, I must let go... but the memory of them shall not be lost. 

I might start a collection of containers or pictures of containers  or anything I find cute, happy, or even inspiring.  I'm really weird for liking shopping bags, cosmetic containers, pop cans, and all things with a flare of foreign or art in them more for the wrapping than the item itself. I usually try to maintain a frugal lifestyle but enjoy eye-shopping for all such products and people watching those that purchase them.  Maybe it's because I love aesthetically pleasing and pretty things?  

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