Sunday, July 17, 2011

Collection: Canned beverages in Korea

Here is the start to a collection of photos of can drinks.  Korea is full of fun delicious canned beverages. Just find the nearest vending machine at the train, subway, or bus stations or venture through some alleys or markets. Find a machine, plop some small won coins in, and select your choice of various tasty drinks. Here are few pics I could find.  There are more creative can designs out there, but the small cans are really cute and the perfect size to quench a thirst on a very humid warm summer day.

Aloe juice                          Pomegranate juice                     Plum drink
*NOTE: The bottom row contains some of my favorite juice/health drinks: aloe, pomegranate, and plum. They're all tasty in their own way and have lots of health benefits.  They're in order of increasing sweetness.  The aloe doesn't have much of a flavor other than something very unique. Most foreigners will probably make a face gulping down their first can.  You'll have to try it yourself.  I love anything all things pomegranate (from my soap and body spray to lip gloss) so I need not say much more other than I am biased and like it.  Maeshil (plum) is probably the sweetest of the three in my opinion.  I wasn't sure of this beverage the first time I sampled it. However, upon finishing my first glass of maeshil, I was very satisfied and ready for more.  Be careful not to drink too much and risk a stomach ache.

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