Friday, November 8, 2013


Money can't buy happiness~~

Love, laughter, good friends, and a very hopeful spirit are blessings that bring joy beyond my own sometimes spirit of unbelief. 

I find myself caught up in the small details of life. AND some of the really big ones. Life has taken significant twists and turns since the passing of summer. New friendships, relationships, broken spirits, and renewed hearts to name a few.

It's November - the month of Thanksgiving here in the USA.  As I get lost in the heartache of the trivial things in life and some of the traumatic life changes, I stop to be still in a moment of thankfulness as I remember all that I am blessed to have right now .

Thank you~~~

As I continue in this Search of the Morning Calm  journey, I hope to continue in the spirit of thankfulness and begin to understand more of my Korean roots while persevering through the challenges of learning.