Monday, August 1, 2011

McDonald's: A sweet treat or trick?

I was Skyping with a friend in Taiwan. She showed me this nifty little treat card from McDonald's in her country. I've already come to the conclusion as I think many others have, that fast food for some odd reason tastes better in other countries (other than the US). It could be A) you miss your home countries "delicacies" and cuisines so much that any fast food often tastes delicious abroad. B) they sincerely put more effort into creating quality food [in Japan and Korea the food actually looks like the picture. Perfect. No joke.] and or C) they just have plain awesome things on their menu like bulgogi burgers in Korea.

Back to the treat card. The sweet card only increases my confidence in marketing and McDonald's options abroad.  The card, in one single purchase for the equivalent of one US dollar gets you free goodies and treats all summer long.  Here's how it works [see pic]: Buy any one item in the blue section and receive any one item for free in the bottom pink section.  There is no time window during the day and no limit to the use (as far as I was told.  I would guess that it may limit to one per day at each location.)  

Sounds like this McDonald's is out to super-size it's country or at least up its profits and increase number of consumers.  I was amazed by this little card, but it really does do the trick.  My friend is a testament to the marketing. She has significantly increased the amount of times she frequents the nearby McDonald's in her neighborhood.  I haven't worked up the nerve to ask if she has gained any weight, though.  

As for American McDonald's, they may or may not have changed their menu.  However, they're currently getting makeovers and serious face lifts.  McDonald's in the US is going for the Starbucks-esque feel.  Keep the customers for longer periods of time and therefore potentially increase their food intake. Also, by creating the comfortable environment people are more willing to want to take advantage of McD's as a hang out location.  Sorry kids, Ronald no more.  Again, in many other countries, McDonald's is like the Starbucks. Students up all hours of the night studying or enjoying a few laughs with friends. Let's see what the US can pull off.

so....why not jump on the bandwagon and feed the marketer's egos, giving your local golden arches some business! Take advantage of your nearest McDonald's and enjoy something tasty today! 

Happy fast food eating!    

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