Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Happy White Day!

해피 화이트 데이! Happy White Day my friends!

In Korea there are a plethora of fun romantic holidays to express your "liking" or love for someone or even express your kindred spirit and friendship towards another!  What's not to like about romantic holidays? They're just soo.... romantic....and gushy and lovy dovy. Awww…. Okay, enough! 

I am not the biggest romantic myself, but I always enjoy learning about the holidays of other countries and cultures.  In November (November 11th) we have Pepero Day because the elevens or ones look like peperos.  In February we have Valentine’s Day followed by White Day (March 14th) and Black Day (April 14th). Most other 14ths of the month are also smaller lesser known romantic holidays in Korea.

Traditionally, in Korea, females give chocolates and treats to their male interests and friends on Valentine’s Day. On White Day, the males give chocolates of similar or greater value to the female friends that gave them chocolate. On Black Day, the singles unite and share in their misery while eating jjajangmyun.

I thought I would give my brother’s best friend, Scott, a shout out. You can see his quick video on White Day (and some tidbits about his lady friend) here.  Apologies for not being able to get the video embedded, so you’ll just have to click here.  My brother and his best friend are spending their first year in Korea and learning all about these holidays for the first time. For a newbie, I’d say he sums it up quite well. I am looking forward to seeing what he comes up with for his lady friend. Perhaps you will see more of him here.

Happy White Day!

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