Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Pepero Day

Hello, everyone! It's Pepero Day in Korea. (빼빼로 데이) Even better, it's Millennium Pepero Day. A once in a millennium occurrence of all ones and three 11's lining up with each other on the same day.

I love numbers!  Isn't this line up beautiful? Wouldn't it be more beautiful if that line up of numbers represented some sweet treats melting in your mouth?


What is this crazy Pepero Day? On this day much like Valentine's Day, school children and couples exchange pepero [aka pocky in Japan and America] with each other. The cute little cookie sticks made by Lotto are dipped in chocolate and other delicious flavors or treats. Often, individuals give pepero to the people they like. It has grown into another very romantic holiday. Not that Korea needs another one.

Since it's inception in the 90s, the holiday has grown to epic proportions. Large boxes of peperos and even cute gift boxes are among the many gifts. Other companies have their own line of products they try to sell in mass on this day. Products range from cute toys, gifts, stationary, cards, etc.  Advertisers, marketers, and business owners swear they did not create the holiday for sales purposes. However, this year they coined the Millennium Pepero Day term. It makes one wonder. That aside, it's always nice to enjoy some sweet treats, toys, and maybe even a nice little date with a loved one.

Although we do not have much pepero in the regular American stores, I still enjoy looking at pepero and thinking about the taste in my mouth. Thanks to Google I found a few images of my favorite pepero.  No need to explain. Let the mind and salivary glands go wild.  What are your favorite peperos?

almond pepero - I like the crunch
colorful pepero

yummy assorted pepero.
This is plain awesome. A pepero cake. Too beautiful to eat.

[EDIT} It is not millennium pepero day if you consider the many other days. It is century pepero day. Because the next century will be 2111, it will not be the year '11 in this Millennium. If you get too far into the technicalities you could go crazy. The real year 11 occurred 2,000 years ago. Before many (I hope) of you were born.  Regardless, I hope you enjoyed your very crazy pepero day.

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