Saturday, April 20, 2013

Guess what?

Exciting news!!!

I completed my 10 week Korean language course! Though I did not learn much from the class itself, I do feel more motivated to study and learn Korean. Exciting right? Maybe not.  To be honest, I must admit that as I review my check list of things I will do to study Korean, the one key point I failed to do was to study hanja (Chinese characters). In the midst of my other courses, work, and personal life I felt that is one thing I could let go. Perhaps I slacked on the writing part a bit, too. From now on, I'm going to at least incorporate a little bit of everything from the "I will" list found on that post. It's been a challenging year that's about to come full circle (the crazy began exactly one year ago from now), so as life gets on track and I regain physical health and stamina I plan on putting myself in full force to study the language.

Even more exciting! Now that our class is complete, my classmates have put together our own study group. Many of the study groups and classes I joined were not motivating and were slightly below level. No, I do not say this in pride, but to honestly admit my classmates and I were not challenged. The teacher's style was not effective for language learning for our class, so I am proud to say that despite our inability to glean much from class, my classmates came together to create our own study group and hire our own teacher.  I am proud of this group of people. We didn't like what we were getting. We challenged it. And, then we put our heads together and solved the problem by determining what we really wanted and needed. Our hunger and desire to learn the language are very much evident! We are going to learn! I look forward to engaging with a new tutor/teacher and sharing knowledge, experience, and motivation with my study partners as we embark on this second journey of learning.

Okay, so that wasn't the big announcement or exciting news, but check back next week and I will reveal the real exciting news. I am waiting for a few more pieces of the puzzle to come together before I can reveal it.

There are much bigger motivations to get the ball rolling on this language learning process!

Let's go!!

아녕 annyoung and have a great day!


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