Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bittersweet happiness!

I woke up this morning with a smile on my face. I dreamed I was in Korea with old friends during a teacher training workshop session.  We were laughing with [no, not at] our leaders and teachers and then we frolicked through a maze-like field of tall grasses and beautiful flowers. I have no recollection of our exact location. In fact, it could have been in the middle of nowhere or a place that I created in my imagination. All I know, it created within me a nostalgic and happy bittersweet feeling.  As far as I know now, I will not be returning to the motherland for at least one more year if not many more!  There is peace knowing that I have the most wonderful opportunity to move forward with my goals and plans for the future  as well as time to invest in amazing new friendships here in America.  This year has been a growth-filled year watching friends get married, meeting new people, and re evaluating where I plan to go next.  I will try my best to think about Korea and write about Korea related things near my "community" at least until I promised-the end of the year.  Don't forget the state I live in equals 3 South Koreas in one and I live about one South Korea away from Korea town in LA! Not particularly small, now is it?

Speaking of nostalgia, I also opened up an old blog post from another mostly non-Korea related blog I attempted to keep earlier in the year and saw this pic:

Korea, you're in my heart!
Reminded me of all the adorable children in my life.  As challenging as it is to work with children at times, they are such joys and blessings.  I love kids!  You don't even have to see this kid's face to think he's adorable. Just look at how he carries himself and walks with that confidence. aww: )

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