Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gangnam Style Dance Tutorials

I was sitting in a restaurant with my friend this afternoon when the Gangnam Style song came on. My friend began bouncing in her seat and performing the horse riding motion. She moved until the song ended. The song is addictive. The dance becomes contagious. 

Have you heard? Gangnam Style is the hottest thing on the block!  In fact, it's one of the hottest hits around the world. Still haven't jumped on the Korean Hallyu wave and heard the song? Don't be shy! The wave keeps growing and growing. Check it out. It will blow your mind. Then, tune up the radio and listen in. That song with some bounce and groove to get your move on is probably that strange song you keep hearing on the radio - the one full of mumbo jumbo words you don't understand. [This statement is geared towards my readers that do not understand Korean or are not currently residing in Korea. The song is that good and that popular. People hear it on radio stations around the globe.]

Need the official video memory refresher?

While watching the video and listening to the song, you might find yourself bouncing in your chair or dancing in your seat. It's difficult not to get up and want to move with it.

So? I guess it's dance time. We all want to learn the dance. Did I say "we"? I'm the last person you will find dancing to Kpop or dancing in general, but even I want to learn how to move to this one! After watching others dance and seeing my friends want to learn, I thought I would set out to find some tutorials and learn just how to do this dance.  I'm no dancer, but I compiled a few videos that serve different audiences depending on your goals or interests.

It's time to:

Find an open space.
Perhaps a mirror.
Comfy breathable clothes.
Bouncy shoes.
AND your dance moves!

~ ~ ~

This first video is an in depth two-part video. The video intros with the dancer dancing to the song. She then begins the tutorial and takes you through each of the dance moves from the very beginning step-by-step. It is detailed and slow enough to follow.

Note: In this video you will be looking at the dancer's back and following her moves.

                  Part 1
                  Part 2

The next video features an individual that wasn't a big fan of the dance or tutorial at first. As you can see she eventually gets into it. It's too catchy not to join in on the Gangnam Style dance. This is a great video for auditory learners that need an auditory explanation in order to learn. The tutorial teaches the main horse riding dance moves seen throughout the video. The dancer explains the footing and motions in more detail than other videos. For this reason alone, I give it a two thumbs up.

Note: In this video you will mirror and follow the moves of the dance teacher. Therefore, you're looking directly at her face-to-face and following the moves.

Here is a PSY Gangnam Style mirror dance practice. A bit fuzzy, but as you can see by the number of views, that doesn't hold anyone back!

Moving onto celebrities. Does anyone out there watch the Ellen Show?  Ellen loves to dance.  There's no need to second guess her interest in Gangnam Style.  Pop star Britney Spears appearing on the show wanted to learn how to dance Gangnam Style, so guess who Ellen brought on the show to teach Gangnam Style?  None other than PSY himself.

The best quote of the video: "dress classy, dance cheesy".

Here is a longer tutorial session by PSY for Michelle Park!  He's a good teacher!

I hope you enjoy these videos and find someone to learn from.  Please post your favorite tutorials or dance moves in the comment section below.

Happy dancing! ~ ~


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