Thursday, August 30, 2012


What have I been doing?   

I have been busy finishing up the last month of service for my volunteer service program!  It's been an eventful month both at work and personally.  I am in the process of securing a job and hopefully a place to live. Job hunting and interviewing is no task for the weak.  Must be strong and diligent.  Yours truly also needs a place to land before focusing on this blog.  I want to get back into the kitchen, but I haven't had one to use for most of the year, so hopefully we will have some Korean cooking to look forward to later on.
Check back in September for something new.

Where have I been hanging out? 

Just because it may appear that I left the Korean blogo-sphere, I haven't left the Korean community! Each week I attend a Korean meet-up in San Diego. At the meet up there are a lot of people interested in learning Korean or highly obsessed with kdramas and kpop. There is also a group of Koreans interested in learning English.  We exchange our cultures and languages and often hang out together outside of the weekly meet-up time and date. Please join if you are in the area!

What do I think about?

Korea. Korean language. Korean friends. Service. Work.  You see I haven't forgotten.

What do I plan to do in the next couple of months? 

All of the above. Plus focus on learning the language.  It's a must.  Perhaps you will read some more personal posts from me.

I will be back.

I promise.

Until then.

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