Monday, September 26, 2011

Korean Cultural Center of LA

On one of my first trips to LA and Ktown this weekend I attended the Korean festival for a few short hours and attempted to catch up with the KCCLA (Korean Cultural Center of LA).  Unfortunately, I missed meeting any of the staff on site. They seemed to take a long break the day I was visiting. Instead, I collected some colorful post cards promoting the KCCLA and met a fun volunteer maintaining the booth but shy of the camera.

Briefly, the Korean Cultural Center of LA promotes Korean culture and heritage in LA while opening up its doors to the public welcoming individuals to come and learn about the rich culture and traditions of Korea. Their facilities include a museum, auditorium, art gallery, and library full of Korea related materials. The center offers many programs from Korean language learning groups to cultural workshops and film viewing nights.  I haven't had the opportunity to tour their facilities since I'm rarely in the area but that day may come!  Please check out the cultural center if you are in LA or have time to catch some of their events.

For more information see their website listed here:

Here are some pics of the KCCLA booth and the post cards I collected at the Korean Cultural Festival!

The booth lacking the cute volunteer in the pic.

The reverse of each card is different. These were some of my favorites!

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