Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Ice Flower" theme song for drama "Kiss and Cry" by Kim Yuna and IU released today

The new theme song produced by Lee Min Soo for SBS's drama Kiss and Cry called "Ice Flower" featuring Kim Yuna (Korea's skating Queen) and IU was released today (June 21, 2011)! An excerpt of the song was previewed on the June 19th episode of the show before its full release June 21st. Surprisingly it was was recorded less than 10 days prior to its first preview.
The song delivers a message of hope challenging everyone to overcome his or her obstacles. Although it is a metaphor to the obstacles and hardships that figure skaters, like Yuna herself, face during training I believe it's of great encouragement to the average person!  We all face struggles in our daily lives.  Even though we may fall on the ice and get a little hurt, we figuratively speaking, get back up on the ice and skate again!

The profits from the purchase of this song will serve to help train figure skaters and improve training practices for figure skaters in Korea. Figure skaters in Korea do not have their own ice rinks and therefore have to share with hockey players. You may support the cause by purchasing here.

Check out the video!  Kim Yuna has many talents!  She's a spectacular ice skater of sorts, but almost as equally captivating is her voice and her personality!

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