Sunday, May 29, 2011

Warmth on a cool walk through Ewha

Life in a small town in California is much different from that of the busy lifestyle in South Korea.  Although I have been busy here my life does not seem the same. I have reminisced much about my days in Korea. 

Last year, February 2010, I visited Ewha Women's University campus with my Japanese friend.  The one memory I have of the inside of the buildings was how starkly clear and clean they appeared to be. With large windows, white walls, and open hallways one could only feel welcomed in. On a nice deceivingly (because it was so cold) sunny winter's day, walking down the halls I felt warmth seep in from the sun that shone through.  At the same time the bright white and starkly clean walls of the women's university felt somewhat cold only magnifying the outdoor freezing temperatures on my inner being.  I cannot conclude whether or not it was truly warm or cold. However, I can say that the hallways and rooms were well-lit.  Natural light is very important for my well-being as well as proper study habits.  The campus is fitting for women. Very pristine.  Ewha is a beautiful campus. I recommend taking a stroll on a fall or spring day when you happen to be in the Idae/Shinchon areas of Seoul.

Here are a few pics of the inside. You'll have to go there for a view of the outdoor scenery.  What do you think? 
bright quiet hallway

Japanese friend modeling in the open hallway

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