Friday, September 18, 2009

How I got my first ride with the police.

I had already had an eventful evening. (The only one in quite awhile.) Dinner and supplementary teaching, and a trip to the GS for ICECREAMMM. I'm addicted. In bed...I get a message from person 'B'. "I have a bite that's black and it hurts. " 'Okay, explain your symptoms, please."
"It kinda hurts. It's black and on the bottom of my foot. (It wasn't on the bottom. hahah)" "Please. I think I need to go to the doctor ASAP. Is it gangrene? Someone said it could be."
I look up gangrene and already knowing Person B's mosquito bite history, it is nothing but a blistered bite. I know 'B' is freaked out, so I figure out all my options because I'm ridiculously tired and just want to go to bed. I ask the neighbor (thank you!) and determine that all I can do is bring some first aid supplies. I'm chatting with Niel...and ask if there is anything someone can do in Korea at midnight for someone with an infection. I kept telling my friend it was nothing and we should wait it out. I determine that I need to calm my friend's fears and I head out with supplies, anyway. I keep this good guy on back up, just in case I can't keep the Korean convo straight with the locals.

I arrive to see my friend near the local GS Mart (I had just been there, haha) to find that the infection is really nothing much..."No, it really is. I'm gonna die. They're going to have to amputate." It's nothing hon...You'll survive. So I hand some wipes and cleaning stuff over and advise that it get checked in the morning at school. (After 7 years of the First Aid experience, I was almost positive it was okay. Kill me if it wasn't going to be...)

Person B and I keep talking while I noticed two guys walking up to the mart and sitting down. The younger one (which actually looked older than the 30 year old) was very wobbly and sounded a little mental (just the alcohol). He was totally gone.... "hyung, hyung, hyung... do this, do that... or what's going on?" hyung, hyung" all night.

Person B and I realize we should part ways...It's getting late and almost after midnight. We get up and Peson B agrees to walk with me part way because I came out.
We walk 2.5 blocks and realize the guys are a ways behind us, following. Are they following? Nah...Let's just walk fast. Hurry, I say in Korean and English.... Then she stops and they catch up with us. (AAARRRRGGHHHH)

"Where are you going? Where are you from?" They ask us. "You speaka English?" Yes, we speak English. "Yaeah..Eng-u-rish" I'm going home, I say. We want to go home. Home, me go home. Understand? The guy keeps looking at us and continues to get closer and move in. I ask "where do you live? Are you students? We really want to go home." (I'm kinda laughing on the inside and smiling too much, cuz I have no idea what I'm doing or how I'm getting home now.) Go, go... We want to go. Person B keeps asking what they are saying. Are they saying bad things? No, the y are not. I give her the info.
Then... chingu one, two (boy points at person B and other dude. Then (points me and him) three, four. Fuuurriendu!! Frriendu..? Understand? ) Yes, but we just want to go home. Anyway, it goes on (1,2, 3, and 4 and fffuriendu) and then we get dragged back to the GS Mart (literally.) Friends. We are willing to follow because they won't let us leave or go home and they have us in their hands already.

We talk and talk. Or I talk and let Person B answer if she understands. The guy is 30 and the other is 26 in Korean age. Creepos. One of them is from Seoul.... "We go home. You home. We want to take you home. Drinking? Drinking, drinking? Come. Come with us. Friends. Friends." NOOOOOO. NOOO It just goes on... and I'm going crazy. I want to go home. So we get up and say we're going ,but they don't let us go. They keep grabbing us and taking us back. I'm laughing the whole time or trying to suppress it and Person B keeps "It's all your fault, ...... Look what u got us into. I think I'm going to die. What are we going to do." I think I heard that it was my fault at least 20 times. Ugh, who got out of bed? I'm laughing because (I realized this morning) I'm on adrenaline and really not sure what we're doing. I'm not too afraid, just a little nervous. Person B just freaks out and raises her voice. "We'll be fine."

We head into the GS...sit there for 10 minutes and I keep laughing and B freaks out. We look out the window and they don't leave... arghh.. I call Niel, Help. What do I do? Can u translate for me? I can't do this alone. The whole time, I'm laughing. sorry friend. Niel translates and we now had to wait for the police. polishi...THey will come. They come... waitee. Okay?
Time rolls by and we look out the window. They're still there... And now we freak out because we are so upset that we called the police because these are nice guys. They just drunk men that can't get their hands off us and want friends to go home with. We really feel bad. What do police do?

Suddenly, some guy (who had been sitting at another table listening to us the second time we came back who had disappeared) drove up in a black car and pretty much scraped the side of his car on a chair. Could've run someone over.... he gets out and starts yelling at the guys or doing something (we can't tell as we are watching thru a window) Another guy comes and gangs up on them. It gets messy.
Our stalker dudes then step aside and start throwing fists at each other and gettin in a fight. Yeah...whose gonna win???? Eventually, all four men sit down and begin some civil conversation. WTF?

We're still worried what the police will do to the men? = (
Finally, the police drive up and walk into the GS. U come. Let's go now. Are you okay? Sure, I just wanna go home, I think. Home? Please? Thank you.

They take us out the door and walk person B home. I'm motioned to follow and go with them. We walk back and they say get in. ugh??? I get in the police car. (Yay my first ride in a police car and in Korea of all places.) My heart is racing as I fall into the car. "house, where? WHere is your house?" Go, right, left, right blah blah. They drop me off at my doorstep.

I get in and collapse on my bed. I start laughing and can't stop... then, I can' sleep because I realized how lucky and blessed I was to be with a friend and know some great people. It could have gone bad. Thank you so much for good friends.

I was exhausted today, but I did the best job in the whole of two weeks.

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