Monday, September 14, 2009

Clarity in the darkness

I've been reminded of Psalm 23 several times in the past week and weekend. It was once one of my favorites. Although it is often associated with funerals/deaths because of it's popular use at funerals (at least on t.v. -that's reality, right? never used it in a service I attended) I find this piece relevant to my life.

Even though I may be walking through difficult times and dark passages (certainly not the darkest valleys as this passage suggests), I am comforted by the almighty comforter. I walk in uncertainty of my personal teaching situation and location, for the setup was not as I originally envisioned. but in his presence I am guided on paths of righteousness. Even though I live not in the place and countryside I envisioned, I realize how much beauty there is among the students and people around me.

Everyday is a challenge that deserves little complaint and a pause to remember what we came to do. Only in times of shadow and uncertainty, do we really understand the need to be still before we can see the light which brings clarity. as in..."when it is dark enough, you can see the stars." I must've quoted this a few times, too....I just love it.

"he leads me beside still waters"

Our excursion through 대구 looking for 찜질방 brought us to the wrong side of town (the cab driver...). I admit it was frustrating, but as we were directed out to find another cab or place to stay, we had been led to still waters. This was one of the best parts of the weekend, not to mention being in the presence of some amazing people. As the city lights shined on either side and to the right highrises reached for the sky, the view of a body of water along the cityside was breathtaking. He truly leads us beside still waters. Here I felt the serenity in the peace of the night.

The journey and path we take is not perfect. There are some rugged regions and pits we may stumble into and out of...but how we rebound and work through these spots in our journey, builds us.


Last weekend, I also met my Korean family. People that come to meet their relatives, often say there is an intense set of emotions. Indeed, there was. If you care to know, I'll talk to you or process this later. It is still difficult for me to fathom.

Today was a really challenging day at work. The students were not compliant and happy with what was supposed to be a really good lesson.... The song was bomb at training and went over well with other same grade levels in different schools...but it just didn't work out. I will try harder and know that tomorrow is a new day. not everything is perfect.

The scholar and I asked about one of the Kindy students. (He's so cute, I named him Patrick because he was wearing Spongebob for awhile and really likes Spongebob. Most students had names already) The teacher said he was one of the older students that has developmental issues. He usually skips his sessions and sleeps through them, but he came for English class today. I was deeply touched and will remember above all of my bad days that I am here to teach and care for these students. I want to understand his story, everyone's story. The power of a story.... He's been one of my favorite students. I always fall for these types without realizing it. Please help me to love each individual.

Anyway, I have some major LPing magic to do.

Peace and cheeri0

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