Monday, January 2, 2012

WKB (Worldwide Korea blogger) Treats

What's better than getting paid to blog or work? Well, it could be receiving these sweet treats from the Korean Culture and Information Service aka for service as a Worldwide Korea blogger! Living overseas away from Korea we may not reap the same benefits as those able to attend cultural events in Korea. However, this year we will be united by remembering each other and looking at our cool Kpop calendars. They function as calendars, photo books, and a paper weight. Fantastic isn't it? A calendar with multiple uses. This calendar is stuffed with pictures of all the hot kpop groups and even filled with facts about Korean traditional instruments. For the Kpop and Korean tradtional music loving soul this is the perfect gift.  Thank you for this gift.

I hope that fellow bloggers will enjoy this gift and smile as 2012 kicks off to a great start.

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