Sunday, April 3, 2011

The journey to becoming an idol fanatic.

jung il woo

jo hyun jae

Jung Il Woo is gaining much of the attention for the drama 49 Days.  I can't forget Jo Hyun Jae.  He's finally back on the screen after a long sabbatical... he was away for military, that is.  I "met" this lovely guy in the drama Love Letter. It was one of the first Korean dramas I watched all the way through.  It was okay.  I was more so entranced by Jo Hyun Jae. I wonder why.  He carried with him such a sweet innocence, although he played a much older/mature character in his younger age. He's definitely grown up and matured.
Jo hyun Jae back in the day

I'm not one for watching dramas, but watching drama and listening to kpop prove highly effective for the studying and improvement of language skills.  Listen first, speak second, and read third. Writing gets thrown in there somewhere, as well.  Those are some of the keys steps to learning a foreign language (in my opinion)...which is why I find myself succumbing to the drama fanatacism, the hallyu (wave of Korean drama and music) craze, and idol love.  It's true I'm on this journey to becoming an idol fan even though all I want it to learn a bit of Korean. It has been extremely difficult to force myself to watch some dramas, but once I sit myself down to the task, I can't let myself go.  There is some form of brain washing or mesmerizing trance that it puts you into. You probably start drooling without knowing it or looking in the mirror to see if your looks even compare to your favorite actors and actresses on the screen.  Who are your "idols"?  I don't believe in having other idols, but there really aren't many other words for them.  Koreans call them "idols" because loads of people look up to them.
We'll see if  I finish watching the 49 Days drama. Sounds like it is building popularity.  

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