Sunday, August 9, 2009

Love People.

THIS IS WHY I CAME, to love people and to extend my reach beyond the city borders. Is it how I am living? Sitting in church again woke me up to this realization, yet I still need to fully wake up to my surroundings and learn to love where I am. I hear the same message. It either a psychological reinforcement or the repetition of individuals when lacking subject material to speak about. Only possibly it is one of the fundamental ideas which we should base our life. The latter is much more praiseworthy.

I'm sure I can justify it now, this journey I take. It was clear then and it becomes more clear now.

Challenge me to wake up even more and to remember why I am here.

I do apologize for those that have not seen my true heart and motivations.
However, apologies are useless.

It is only the change of heart and actions that reflect our inner souls.

Make me whole again. Live and love, I must.

Growth is beautiful.
Love God, Love People

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